SurveyMonkey is used to create surveys and to send them to the customers. If you have a business and rely on Salesforce data to inform your day-to-day customer operations, you should know what your customers are thinking. Data doesn’t talk. It’s hard to anticipate the opportunities to personalize your marketing.

Twopir Consulting having a strong team who will help you get up and running on SurveyMonkey

  • Build beautiful, mobile-friendly surveys with GetFeedback by SurveyMonkey.
  • Automatically send surveys after every interaction
  • Sync real-time response data into Salesforce

SurveyMonkey Salesforce Integration :

Integrating Salesforce with SurveyMonkey will give you the data from SurveyMonkey to Salesforce.

The SurveyMonkey for Salesforce integration lets you automate workflows to trigger surveys and push survey data back to Salesforce records for in-context analysis. You can create reports and dashboards and automate other workflow rules to take action on feedback.

When you streamline workflows, you can better understand, measure, and react to various customer interactions to improve the overall health of your business relationships.


  • Design & Manage
  • Get Responses
  • Analyze Results
  • Text analysis
  • Survey Templates
  • Skip Logic
  • Real-time results
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Filter and cross-tabbing
  • Export Results to Excel and PDF
  • Enterprise-grade features
  • Customizable Survey Links  
  • Customizable Design Themes
  • Custom reporting
  • Custom branding
  • Consolidated account management
  • Answer Validation


  • We have done a lot of SurveyMonkey implementation with Salesforce
  • We will help you to build better relationships with your customers and prospects
  • We will help you to turn more leads into paying customers
  • Helps you to analyze the real-time prospect and customer feedback in your Salesforce database


  • GetFeedback by SurveyMonkey
  • Creating, collecting and analyzing data from million of respondents has become an easy feat 
  • Long and short, simple and complex surveys can be created within minutes
  • Create workflows to automatically send surveys after specific interactions
  • Connect all survey results in Salesforce to create a single source of truth for all customer data
  • Map any survey data to standard or custom objects in Salesforce
  • Make survey data actionable by adding responses to leads, contacts and/or campaigns
  • Analyze feedback with Salesforce reports and dashboards
  • Take action on insights gathered from feedback
  • Sleek, mobile-friendly surveys
  • Omnichannel survey distribution
  • Real-time response data in Salesforce
  • Flexible Salesforce data mapping
  • Robust analytics


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