Whats is TaskRay ?

TaskRay is a versatile project management application. This native Salesforce project management app is designed to empower your teams to be more productive, efficient, and collaborative. Plus, you can manage, support, and track business processes on all bases. It is built on the powerful Salesforce platform and offers consistently great onboarding for clients using built-in and cloneable project templates and powerful reports.

TaskRay Features :

  • Assists businesses for onboarding customers more efficiently in the Salesforce Sales Cloud. 
  • Out-of-the-box functionalities provide you with an overview of key customer onboarding metrics with robust reporting & dashboards.
  • Utilizes built-in templates & automation tools to onboard customers & clients, quickly and efficiently. 
  • Minimizes the customer’s time to implement the solution & increases customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  • TaskRay can also work for project management & project automation in Marketing, Consulting, Back Office systems, Non-Profits, and Full-suite project management.

TaskRay Customer OnBoarding Process :

  1. Plan – Customize your customer onboarding process by utilizing templates, automated workflows, and robust work management tools.
  2. Deliver – Involve your sales professional, partners, and customers in your project to get deeper insights and make better decisions to deliver a successful project.
  3. Analyze – Get access to real-time and relevant data that you need to track current projects and scale onboarding efficiently.
  4. Grow – Gain deep insights that will help your teams uncover more growth opportunities and foster long-term customer relationships.

How Can We Help :

  • Project Management
  • Task Management
  • Automations to open Project and Task on Account, Contacts, etc.
  • Automated Emails to Project and Task Owner when Task is opened or closed.

Results :

TaskRay’s integration with Salesforce can bring several positive benefits to your business.

Let’s take a deep dive into some of the benefits of Integrating TaskRay with Salesforce.

  • You can keep track of all of your project information like project information, deadlines, credentials, and team member distribution.
  • Check the status of your project to move work forward and increase business efficiency.
  • Keep track of the tasks that need to be done, who has the task, how many hours it takes to get the task done, and how long it takes.
  • Efficient resource management helps project managers plan and allocate resources for effective planning and management.



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