What is Titan ?

Titan is updated version of Formtitan.Titan is a Zero code platform for Salesforce admins & professionals. It’s not just a form builder. It is beyond forms, portals, and document generation.Titan enables you to build any Salesforce form and portals that you can think of. Generate documents, Merge them, Automation and Bulk Creation, Approval process, and signatures. With Titan you can create seamlessly integrated Salesforce forms. It has a bi-directional connector that allows you to read data from Salesforce in real-time, as well as write data back. It is flexible in styling, allowing you to change the look of every element in your form, and is also flexible in terms of its customization capabilities, which means you can modify many attributes to suit a particular task.


Create beautiful forms

Use our themes and templates or design your own. The Titan gives you unmatched flexibility to create stunning forms. Drag & drop from a large selection of field types, Add your logo, backgrounds, and colors, and position your fields exactly where you want them. All this without one line of programming.

Map your paper form to an online form

FormTitan supports businesses that still rely on paper forms. With the Paper form mapping feature, you can easily convert your paper form into a responsive online form, while still receiving the data and digital signatures in the original paper form layout.

Do more with your data

Export directly to a large selection of services. (Google Docs, Sheets, SalesForce, and more). Or use our simple API to connect your forms with 3rd party applications you are using. Benefit from features such as Calculating fields which provides you with online calculation for data entered by your users. Use digital signatures to verify and capture your user’s signatures.

Target your audience

Easily customize the email to make it more appealing, as well as Track how many viewed or filled in the form, and re-send it to those who did not react.



Add workflow to your documents

Automate your manual processes by defining a flow, in which your document will travel.

Make money with your forms

Use our payment integration wizard to set payments on your form. Simply set currency and pricing parameters. Assign pricing to your data fields, select your payment processor, and you are done. Congrats! you just built your own shopping cart.

Add brains to your forms

With advanced conditional logic, you can create smarter forms. Show or hide fields based on any combination of logic rules. Skip parts of the form and tailor email messages based on specific user responses.

titan Products:

Titan Docs

Easily create and automate custom document templates directly from Salesforce using Titan’s simple, code-free document builder.

Titan Sign

Easily share, manage, and track the progress of e-signatures directly from Salesforce using Titan’s code-free signature builder.

Titan Forms

Easily create, automate, and track custom web forms directly from Salesforce and using Titan’s code-free form builder.

Titan Survey

Easily create, automate, and track custom web surveys directly
from Salesforce using Titan’s drag-and-drop survey builder.

 Titan Web

Easily design, deploy, and measure custom web applications directly from Salesforce using Titan’s drag-and-drop web page builder.

Titan Flow

Fluently automate workflows across Salesforce org with zero code
to streamline your business processes and enhance productivity.

How Can We Help :

  • Twopir has done Several Titan integration with Salesforce.
  • We helped clients in the past to replace their Paper forms With Titan.
  • We will help you to Set up & Map Information that we are collecting through Titan to Salesforce.
  • Improve alignment between teams, enhance lead capture, and accelerate deal cycles.
  • Automate, optimize and simplify HR processes with powerful data management.
  • Collect and manage the data which you want.
  • Eliminate manual work and increase productivity.

Results :

  • Dynamic prefill of the data from Salesforce in the digital form
  • Update to multiple Salesforce objects including custom ones
  • Easy to use Drag & Drop interface making the build process very fast
  • Have gathered customer data and automated tasks in just a few clicks.
  • Collect, store, share and manage data on a single, secure platform.
  • The client has attention to beautiful forms
  • Exceptional lead generation forms.
  • Optimize marketing strategy.