DemandTools (recently bought by Validity) is the leading data quality and data cleansing toolset for Salesforce CRM customers.
– It’s a suite of 10+ individual modules to control, standardize, verify, deduplicate, import, and generally manipulate Salesforce and or data.
– Better yet, it has great compatibility and is designed to work in the Developer, Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited versions of Salesforce.



DemandTools is a suite of modules to :

✓ Control
✓ Standardize
✓ Verify
✓ Deduplicate
✓ Import & manipulate


We update thousands of records from :

✓ An Access Database
✓ Excel spreadsheet
✓ Or even a UDL file
✓ Administrative toolset


There are 4 module of Demand Tools :

✓ Maintenance Modules
✓ Cleansing Modules
✓ Verification Module
✓ Discovery Module

Maintenance Modules :

Mass Effect :

✓ Choose a File
✓ Select an Operation
✓ Field Mappings 
✓ Saving the Scenario
✓ Select the rows to use in the operation& process

Mass Change :

The MassChange tool allows to specify a condition to find matching objects of most tables and set values for those tables to specific values that we choose. It is designed to allow to quickly change hundreds of records that require a common value in minutes.

Mass Impact :

The MassImpact module is what CRMfusion terms a multi-table data manipulator. Changes take place directly at the Salesforce data center without the need to import or export the records. MassImpact is a more powerful module than MassChange due to its multi table capabilities.

PowerGrid :

Modify data record-by-record or apply changes to an entire data set in a grid-based view of your data that also supports merging and helps identify and purge junk data.

Reassign Ownership :

Mass transfer ownership of records and their related sub-object records in a single pass with single or multi rule-based assignments.

BulkBackup :

Create an automatic backup of Salesforce data leveraging the bulk API that can be saved as an .accdb or .csv file format.

Cleansing Modules :

Single Table Dedupe :

Find and merge duplicate records in standard and custom objects with advanced matching algorithms, custom master record selection, and field data retention techniques.

DupeBlocker :

Prevent duplicates for standard and custom objects as records are created and modified in Salesforce with the ability to block, report or auto-merge duplicates.

Lead Conversion :

Mass convert Leads in one pass without creating duplicate Contacts or Accounts using multi-layer matching techniques and conversion options.

Discovery Modules :

Find/Report IDs :

Compare data from external files to Salesforce records of any object and return the Salesforce ID and other Salesforce field data when a match is found.

EmailConnect :

Verify Contact and Lead email addresses in bulk and on a schedule, and log the verification results on the record in Salesforce using BriteVerify email verification technology.

Verification Modules :

Connect with prospects and customers and protect your sender reputation with email verification for leads and contacts.Expose which addresses are valid for sending and log the address status in Salesforce to easily exclude invalid addresses from your campaigns.


How can we help :

  • Maintain data standards by developing corrective actions (scenarios) to common data mistakes.
  • Provides great flexibility in terms of how dupes are identified with multiple methods available for merging records.
  • Allows correctly identify inaccurate, incomplete, or duplicated data from a data source.
  • Allows to utilize deletion, modification, appending, merging, or other methods to correct bad data.
  • Clean data as it enters the data source to prevent mixing bad data with cleaned data.
  • Provide follow-up information after data cleanings through a visual dashboard or reports.
  • Automatically run data identification, correction, and normalization on data sources.


Results :

  • Client have more Informed Decision-Making
  • Client have better Data Compliance in place
  • Client have better Audience Segmentation
  • Booster for the Marketing Campaigns – Right Message at Right Time.
  • Client Improved Relationships With Customers
  • Good Data leads to Reduce the Time and Cost
  • A Single Source of Truth
  • Increased in the Profitability



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