“TwoPir Consulting is a top notch IT Company. We have worked with them on several projects and are impressed with the results each time. They really listens to the goals you are trying to achieve, and always thinks of your future growth. Team plans ahead, thinks the project through from start to finish, and is always focused on providing the best architecture and user experience possible. Team also provides multiple solutions for every type of situation so you can choose the best fit for your company. Team is highly communicative. Team never leaves you wondering where your project stands and is available day and night to answer any questions you have whether it’s through email or Skype. It seems Team always available to help his clients, It’s hard to find really company to work with and Its the real deal. I would highly recommend Team to anyone who needs to develop their Salesforce site.”
Linda, Machine Manitenance Company

“Working with TwoPir Consulting has been a real help for me and my company. We do not have a Salesforce Administrator on staff so we rely on him for all of our Salesforce clean-up and data import needs. TwoPir is always very thorough, professional, and responsive. He has been such a pleasure to work with and we are fortunate to have found him for our Salesforce Needs.”
Amy, Web-based School Solution Company

“We used the services to customise our CRM for our unique requirments. I found TwoPir Consulting very responsive and professional. We are very happy with the result and the work has helped transform our business.”
Dane, Medical Equipment Resale Company

“I worked with TwoPir Consulting over the period of about 12 months to implement an advanced enterprise instance of Salesforce.com for our software startup. We knew going into the buildout what we wanted and needed. TwoPir Consulting was able to execute quickly and effectively. What we didn’t bank on was that TwoPir Consulting would be able to see issues we were creating for ourselves downstream with some of the architectural decisions we were making. TwoPir Consulting ability to help us see around the corner of our best laid plans saved us tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of man hours. Their excellent communication, outstanding product knowledge and reasonable pricing makes for an easy recommendation.”
Chris, Software Company

“We are an internet research company utilizing SalesForce to manage our fulfillment process. Automation is essential for allowing us to meet our clients expectations while minimizing our staffing. We have worked with TwoPir Consulting on several projects of various sizes and have found that TwoPir Consulting is knowledgeable of SaleForce development, and is able to understand and deliver on our requirements in a timely manner. We look forward to continuing to work with TwoPir Consulting on future projects.”
Carol, Property Title Search Company

“I am very pleased with TwoPir Consulting salesforce services.”
JD Burkholder, Kitchen Design Company

“Had an excellent experience on Salesforce project. TwoPir Consulting is not only technically brilliant but an excellent company to work with. Very very reliable.”
Fab, Marketing Company

“TwoPir Consulting took our requirements and completed the Scope with little direction after initial calls to discuss our needs. Worked independently with updates and completed our AOP integration on time and budget. Did testing and implementation without any issues. Great to work with.”
Cris, Cabling Company

“Excellent Company to work…”
Euegene, Security & Surveillance Company

“Outstanding work! We turned to this provider after Salesforce couldn’t solve the problem, and TwoPir Consulting came through big, giving us exactly what we were looking for and in record time. Highly recommend!”
Frank, Sound Masking Company

“TwoPir Consulting is a hard worker, really knowledgeable, and always ready to do the extra mile to support me. they are really good at communicating and deliver on time and on budget. Bravo”
Vincent, Portfolio Management Company

“Excellent Work on a timely basis. Make sure everything was fixed and working perfectly before completion of project. Will definitely use again.”
Jennings, Hospitals Staffing Company

“Very responsive developer who knows what’s under the hood in salesforce.”
Dan, Aircraft Sale Company

“Excellent Job. Puts people and relationships first while creating a high quality result.”
Ryan, Insurance Selling Company

“Energetic, knowledgeable and focused on a good outcome. Would use again, no doubt.”
Dane, Brain Based Reading & Learning Company

“TwoPir Consulting has done a great job on the work. Highly skilled with SFDC and brings great business insight to the project also. Extremely impressed and long forward to doing more work with Team.”
Bill, Manufacturing Company

“TwoPir Consulting was able to help us setup Salesforce very easily. They had a consultative process that educated what the desired result would be and was able to guide us to a successful result, saved us a huge amount of time in setting this up correctly.”
Damon, VOIP Phone Sytem and Cloud Technology

“Very good team. No hesitation to work with them.”
John, Investment Banking Firm

“Excellent focus on the work we actually needed done – great experience and will continue to work with team.”
Mike, Grow Online Audiences On Video Platform Company

“Team was highly responsive about solving our needs, and I was also very happy that team was available most of the hours we needed even during EST”
Greg, Foreign Exchange Industry

“When I first met team I also checked references. One of the people I spoke with said “Team is literally the best salesforce designers and engineers I have ever worked with.” Like that executive, I have been managing my teams on salesforce for nearly 14 years. I have worked with many professional salesforce administrators and consulting firms. Yet, I have also come to the same conclusion. TwoPir Consulting is one of the best and our company has greatly benefited from working with him.

Team help me with design, on the fly, a custom forecasting solution for our unique business needs. I did not have very good specifications for him to follow as I was new to my company and still learning the intricacies of the business. I was hired to better focus our sales efforts and I had a vision of how I wanted to do that using, in part, the saleforce.com platform. Team worked over weekends, the Christmas and New Year holiday, and at all hours of his night to match my work schedule and 1) ensure my project requirements were captured and well defined, and 2) build to my vision. My team successfully launched in early January 2014.The coding he produces was very good, clever, and accurate.

Team has also helped with less impressive, but nevertheless important tweaks to our install. From page layouts, to email templates, and the lead conversion process he has helped me put my team’s new processes into a visible structure. All the while being incredibly responsive and pleasant to work with.

I encourage you to trust your saleforce.com project to Team”
Mary, Digital Engagement Services Company

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