Mass Action Scheduler

Mass Action Scheduler

Mass Action Scheduler :-

Mass Action Scheduler used to schedule Process Builder, Flows, Quick Actions, Email Alerts, Workflow Rules, or Apex to process records from Reports, List Views, SOQL, or Apex.

No more waiting for records to be updated or creating clever workarounds to cause records to be updated to cause these actions to fire.



  1. Declarative – no code necessary, never write Batch Apex again for queries that can be expressed in a report or list view and actions that can be expressed with a declarative alternative.
  2. On Platform – everything happens in Salesforce so no exporting or uploading data necessary.
  3. Timely – run actions manually or schedule hourly, daily, weekly, or any time in between.
  4. Versatile – explore the many data sources and actions that can be scheduled with Mass Action Scheduler.


Almost any process automation you configure can be scheduled.


Supported Types

Process Builder Processes that start when invoked by another process
Flows Auto-launched flows (no screens).Any that can be called from Process Builder
Quick Actions Create a Record, Update a Record, and Log a Call types
Email Alerts All
Workflow Rules All
Apex Classes annotated with @InvocableMethod

What can you do with a Mass Action Scheduler?

  • Run a process monthly, maybe to create a record or callout to an external system
  • Run data correction actions daily
  • Automatically add leads and contacts to campaigns based on report or list view criteria
  • Send emails on a periodic basis
  • Create “infinite” flows that continuously loop on a schedule
  • Perform field updates without exporting or importing data


    1. Create a new record under Mass Action Configurations.
    2. Add detailed information.


  • Choose Source data to process.



  • Choose an action to automate
  • Map fields as inputs to selected action


  1. Choose how often to automate action

Receive near real-time updates on batch job successes and failures like below.

how to use Mass Action Scheduler with examples :