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  • Klipfolio Dashboard

    Challenges :

    Client requirement is to build Dashboards for NOBOs Data and represent some statistics about response on social media of company and other statistics from Google Analytics.

    Purpose Dashboards that will display information about NOBOs like:1. NOBOs gained by company2. NOBOs lost by company3. Increment in positions of NOBOs4. Decrement in positions of NOBOs5. Bar graph of # of NOBOs per monthAnd Other information about Google analytics and response on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter etc.)
    Application Klipfolio Dashboard
    Version 30
    Tool Klipfolio
    Information 1. Data source of NOBOs Information2. Login credentials of Google +, Facebook, Twitter etc.
    Data Formats .CSV
    Volumes ~ 30 /Days
    Process 1. Create excel template from data source.2. Create different type of dashboards in klipfolio.
    Schedule Automatically refresh dashboards
    Complexity Medium


    Challenges :

    Requirement is to make dashboards according to salesforce data.

    Purpose Make dashboards from salesforce report data which can display data on charts and can easily convertible into PDF.
    Application Klipfolio Dashboard
    Version 30
    Tool Klipfolio
    Informatiom · Salesforce reports as Data source in klipfolio· Salesforce credentials
    Data Formats .csv
    Volumes ~10/days
    Process 1. Create dashboards as per salesforce reports data.2. Display data on charts in dashboards
    Schedule Every time data refresh
    Complexity Medium


  • Form Assembly:


    1. Implement a web form which will prefill data from salesforce and on submission of form , it will create/ update data in salesforce for three objects: Account, Contact and Asset & liability (Custom object).
    2. Mapping of fields between salesforce and Form assembly.


           Form assembly enterprise edition.
          Implementation including:

           1.Connector setup between salsforce and form assembly.    

           2.Custom CSS for effective form .

    Details :

    The solution involved:

         1.Connector Settings

         2.Mapping of necessary fields for creation and updation of records.

         3.Uses external Id for updating records.