URL Hacking in Lightning

URL Hacking in Lightning

Creating a Custom Lightning Component to pass the data entered by user on Component page to Standard Lightning Create Page (URL Hacking Alternative)

Business Case:

Adam is working as a Senior Application Developer in TwoPir Consulting Pvt Ltd. Company wants to move the data entered by user to Lightning Standard Create Page (Alternative to URL Hacking). Adam needs to do a Proof of Concept by building a custom lighting component for passing the account data for ex – Name, Industry, Score to standard lightning page and by coding utility, On the basis of score we are populating the Rating on Account Create Page automatically.


if Score > 0 and Score < 20 , Then Rating must be “Cold”
if Score > 20 and Score < 60 , Then Rating must be “Warm”
if Score > 60 , Then Rating must be “Hot”


Adam decided to create a lightning component which would display a form with a ‘Create’ button and on click of that button ,The entered data will pass to standard lightning create page.
Before getting started,Adam makes sure that he doesn’t miss any prerequisites mentioned above.Below are the steps,Adam takes for the creating the solution after completing the pre-requisites.
1.Finishing all the prerequisites.
2.Creating Lightning Component.
3.Override the standard New button on Account by above lightning component.
4.Test the Process.

Test the Business Case:

Now since We are done with the codes,let’s test the business use case. Visit the Accounts Tab in lightning Interface and Click the Standard New button (Override by Custom Lightning Component) as shown in below:-


On Click New button, Custom Form appear designed by Lightning Component , so that user will fill the info and click create button.

On Click Create button, It will redirect to Standard Create New Lightning Account Page with prepopulated info passed from lightning form and On basis of Score values, It is dynamically populating the Rating field.