Email Integration Option with Salesforce

Email Integration Option with Salesforce

How to choose which email integration is best for the company?

Salesforce offers several products that integrate Salesforce with Microsoft or Google email or calendar applications It all depends upon your company requirements. There are several email integration available in the market but what suits the best depends on your business requirements.

1. If to Work with Salesforce records directly from Microsoft or Google applications?

A). Outlook Integration –

When you integrate Outlook with Salesforce, helps your reps spend less time entering data and switching between the two applications. It also help sales teams track important email conversations relevant to Salesforce records. These perks help your reps:

a) Eliminate the time they spend on redundant data entry into two applications.

b) Access important Outlook email messages and relevant Salesforce records in one place, making it easier to craft targeted, meaningful email communications to prospects and customers.

c) Focus more on what matters most of their sales

For more details on integration and help. Click the below links:

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B). Gmail integration –

When you integrate Gmail and Salesforce, you help your reps spend less time entering data and switching between the two systems. You also help sales teams track important email conversations relevant to Salesforce records.

The Thing Reps DoWhy?
Send email messagesEmail is an easy and effective way to engage with prospects and get relationships going.
Maintain contactsThe contacts in Gmail serve as your reps’ virtual Rolodex card file.
Schedule meetings and appointmentsYour reps rely heavily on their calendars for planning their days and scheduling important events.

For Support Link about more details on integration and help Follow the below links:

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Benefits of Using Outlook and Google integrations help us to:

  • Relate emails to Salesforce records. If you use Einstein Activity Capture, relating emails is done automatically.
  • Create records
  • Manage Salesforce tasks
  • Create emails using Salesforce templates
  • Automate meeting scheduling
  • Schedule emails to send later
  • Track when emails are opened and links are clicked
  • Relate emails to custom records directly from the related records list.

2. If to keep events and contacts updated between Salesforce and your Microsoft or Google Calendar?

Einstein Activity Capture –

 Einstein Activity Capture connects to Gmail or Office 365, automatically syncing all of your team’s customer communications to Salesforce. When reps send and receive emails and calendar events, Einstein Activity Capture adds the messages to appropriate records in Salesforce – no manual data entry required. All of the captured messages are visible in Activity Timeline within Salesforce, providing context for your entire team so they can help close the deal.

Features areas:

  • Automatically sync your Salesforce contacts and person accounts with your email contacts
  • Automatically or manually sync your Salesforce calendar with your Outlook or Google calendar
  • Capture every email/meeting created in Gmail or Office 365
  • Provide data-driven rep coaching with an activity leaderboard
  • Connect to Gmail and Office 365 and Einstein does the rest
  • Adjust who can see your emails and events to ensure privacy

To learn more about Einstein Activity Capture. Click the below-given link for more information:

Einstein Activity Capture

3. If to Work with Salesforce records and email from your IOS or Android device?

Salesforce Inbox –

 Inbox features increase sales reps’ productivity on every email message, whether they’re on the go or at their desk.

Features areas:

  • Log emails to Salesforce records and custom objects, either manually or automatically with Einstein Activity Capture.
  • Create Salesforce records.
  • Use tools available while composing features to track and schedule emails, and automate other compose activities.
  • Manage Salesforce task.

For more details on integration and help. Click the below links: 

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4. If to write email messages in Salesforce and have them sent through Outlook or Gmail?

Send through Gmail or Office 365 –

By sending the messages through Gmail or Office 365, you’ll improve your open rates and deliverability. only available in the Lightning Experience

Key Features areas:

  • Send Salesforce email through your Gmail or Office 365 account.
  • Emails sent in Lightning Experience look like they were sent from your Gmail or Office 365.
  • You can also see the emails you’ve sent in your Gmail or Office 365 Sent Items folder.
  • Access sent emails in Outlook and Gmail

For more details on integration and configuration. Click the below links:

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5. Some paid option of Email Integration with Salesforce as :

1). Email Relay –

Email relay is similar to the “send through Salesforce” option but with email relay, the email sent from Salesforce routes through your company’s email server. As such, it requires additional configuration but there are several key benefits as

  • Storing email locally helps with compliance
  • Users can see the emails they’ve sent from Salesforce in their company email “Sent Items” folder
  • Routing all email through your own email servers prevents the appearance of email spoofing by Salesforce
  • Applying existing content filters that scan messages for data and content not approved to be sent out through company email.
  • Appending data such as company-wide disclaimers at the bottom of email messages

For more details on integration and configuration. Click the below link as:

Email Relay

2). Cirrus Insight –

Cirrus Insight is a customer relationship management (CRM) application that integrates Salesforce with third-party services, including Gmail and Microsoft’s Office 365. The application was the first on Salesforce’s AppExchange application marketplace to integrate Gmail with

Key Feature of using Cirrus Insight

  • Wants to track prospects and opportunities from your inbox. You can create, edit, save any type of Salesforce record without leaving Gmail or Outlook.
  • You won’t have to jump between your inbox and Salesforce anymore. Add on you won’t have to sign in to Salesforce all the time. Cirrus Insight keeps you logged in from the comfort of Gmail or Outlook.
  • Can write a great email template complete with merge tags and use it again and again to connect with different customers.
  • You can send an email campaign to 1 person or 500 right from your inbox. Choose a Salesforce email template or create your own template right from Gmail.
  • Cirrus Insight gives you access to everything you need from Salesforce from the comfort and convenience of your inbox.
  • You can sync emails to Salesforce automatically in the background, or take more control by saving emails to Salesforce custom objects from Gmail or Outlook.
  • With Calendar Sync, all your events are automatically synced between Salesforce and your Gmail, Outlook, and mobile calendar. Change one and the others will match.

To learn more about Cirrus Insight and its configuration with salesforce. Click the link below given for all information:

Cirrus Insight

3). Match My Email –

Match My Email captures every email from every source automatically and syncs them to Salesforce. Data entry is eliminated saving users hours of time. Salesforce is transformed into a ‘system of record’ for customer emails.

Key Feature of using Match My Email:

  • Looking up customer emails is efficient with Match My Email. No more tedious inbox searches or asking team members to be cc: on customer correspondence.
  • Users can find the entire customer email thread by clicking on a customer record
  • Automated email capture creates reliable data that can be used to monitor activity and prompt action. Reports can be created that track email activity by direction and timeframe or even measure email response times.
  • Email capture used in combination with templates can greatly increase standard email response times. View unanswered inbound emails and reply to them with recomposed templates in Salesforce.

To learn more about Match My Email and its configuration with salesforce. Click the link below given for all information:

Match My Email

4). Ebsta –

Ebsta brings Salesforce and Gmail together by using a Chrome Extension developed especially for Google’s browser. The extension provides the capability to automatically cross-reference Salesforce and alerts you to matching records.

Key Feature of using Ebsta:

  • Ebsta allows for the synchronization of calendars between Salesforce and working calendars in Google, Outlook or Office 365 for each user. Each user can connect their calendars and configure the synchronization rules, whether uni-directional or bi-directional
  • Ebsta provides an email synchronization engine that will automatically map emails from mailboxes to the relevant Salesforce objects natively into Salesforce. This can be set at an administrative level to ensure that all emails from all mailboxes can be captured as required

To learn more about Ebsta and its configuration with salesforce. Click the link below given for more information:


5). ContactMonkey –

ContactMonkey lets you access your Salesforce right in your Gmail. You can log a sales call, update contact or a lead, and see your open activities and activity history right in the ContactMonkey sidebar. Think of all the time you will save just by updating your Salesforce right from your email. If one of your leads sends you an email to let you know about a new phone number or address, you can update that right in your Gmail. If you need to call one of your contacts, after you have looked up their details in your email you can log that sales call right from your Gmail.

Key Feature of using ContactMonkey:

  • Personalize Emails
  • Streamline Processes
  • Improve Lead Quality
  • Salesforce Templates in Outlook
  • Create Cases in Outlook
  • Salesforce Calendar Sync

To learn more about ContactMonkey and its configuration with salesforce.Click the link below given for more information: