Clone With Related Records Feature

Clone With Related Records Feature

What is Clone with Related Records Feature?

The ClonewithRelated action adds every relatedrecord from the original object to the cloned object. An example would be a user that wants to create a new Opportunity using an existing one as the source.

What is the difference between Clone and Clone With Related Records Feature?:

Clone Feature enables us to clone or make copy of record which we have selected, but If we select Clone with Related, it will ask us to clone the record along with related records that you want to carry over to the new record.

What are the steps to perform Clone with Related Records:

There are various steps to perform Clone with Related Records follow as

 Step 1 -> Go to Setup -> Object Manager -> Select The Object -> Page Layout> Mobile And Lightning Action -> Drag The Clone With Related Button

Step 2 –> After successfully performed step 1 ,we can see the button Clone With Related  on object’s record.We have taken opportunity for example

Step 3  –> By the clicking on the button ,it will show all related list record and ask us to choose what related list record we want to clone and click Next button.

Step 4  –> When we click Next button, it will take us to choose what changes we need to make in record.

Example – We are cloning Opportunity with Opportunity related list.Soo the step 3 allow us to choose what related list of Opportunity we want and After clicking of  next button, it will allow us to choose what all changes we want in opportunity record

Step 5 –> After completing all above steps, we can see that we have one record cloned from another record.