Enable & Setup Lightning Login

Enable & Setup Lightning Login

Lightning Login :

  • Salesforce introduce Lightning Login, this has nothing related with Lightning Experience, and Lightning Login work with both Classic and Lightning Experience.    
  • Lightning Login was brought out in Winter ’17 and allows your users to login to Salesforce without a password, but their fingerprint. 

This is one of many features that Salesforce is bringing out to ensure your Org’s are as secure as possible, but also, as accessible as possible.

  • Lightning Login works by using the Salesforce Authenticator App on your phone, in combination with your desktop, to approve or reject requests to login by using your fingerprint, no password required!           

How to implement Lightning Login?


  1. Activate “Lightning Login” in Session Setting
  2. Add permission “Lightning Login User” to Permission Set or Profile
  3. Assign permission to users if you use Permission Set



    Step 1: Install Salesforce Authenticator in mobile app

    Step 2: Navigate to your User Detail page and click Enroll link next to Lightning Login


Step 3: Register for Identity Verification, Salesforce will send you verification code

Step 4:  Once verified, you need to add New Account in Authenticator app, copy the two-word phrase into Salesforce and click Connect

Step 5: Tap “Connect” button in the Authenticator mobile app. You will get another email from Salesforce that a new verification method was added to your account “approve notifications from Salesforce Authenticator”

Step 6: Next, you need to Approve from your mobile app

Step 7: Done, Salesforce will email last email say that you’ve enrolled in Lightning Login, you can now log in using your username and an authenticator app instead of a password

Step 8: Logout and login back, make sure to tick “Remember me” checkbox, notice a small lightning icon is added next to your user photo


Normal Login:

Once all setup, here is the flow to login with Lightning Login

  1.    Login to Salesforce from login.salesforce.com (or your custom my domain)
  2.    Click your username (notice lightning icon added next to your photo)
  3.    Tap “Approve” button from your device with Authenticator app