List View Mass Action in Lightning Experience

List View Mass Action in Lightning Experience

In Spring ’18 release, Salesforce introduces Quick Actions in Lightning Experience on List View, but only applicable to Case, Lead, and custom objects only. With this user can do mass action on the selected records.

Here is the use case:
Cor Container would like to allow the Marketing team to mass update Industry on Lead. Rather than do it one by one, even using inline editing in View, the mass update would be preferred and faster.

Solution: implement Quick action for List View

1. Create New Action
From the Setup menu, navigate to Lead object, look for Buttons, Links, and Actions menu.
Click the New Action button, enter/select following values:

In some cases, you may need to Predefined Field Values for selected fields for users productivity, but in my use case, it is not required.

2. Add button to the layout
Stay in the Lead object, click Search Layouts menu, then select Edit under ListView.
Change Industry should be available under “List View Actions in Lightning Experience”
Select the action and click add arrow button.

3. Lead tab
Click the Lead tab, you need to select a view, such as My Unread Leads, or any list view created, except Recently Viewed. You should see “Change Industry” button, you maybe need to click the arrow button to show more buttons available, this is because it only the first 3 buttons shown on the list page.

4. Select records
Select multiple lead records, up to 200 records from the list view.
Click “Change Industry” button, and select an industry from picklist values, this will update industry from all Leads selected.
Click Save button, and then OK button to confirm.

Now, all Leads selected earlier will be no longer selected and Industry value is updated.