Advertising Studio In SFMC

Advertising Studio In SFMC

Introduction to the Advertising Marketing Studio Cloud :

Salesforce’s product line includes Salesforce Advertising Studio, which helps businesses digitise marketing on a wider scale and achieve more exact audience targeting.

You can design a distinctive customer experience in terms of the adverts that are shown to customers thanks to the advertising cloud. To contact them, it makes use of each customer’s CRM data. There is no single suite in which the data can be used. Data from the Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Service Cloud can be imported.

How does advertising studio work?

To target current customers and audiences that look like them on social media, it uses data collected from interactions on mobile devices, email marketing, and site conversion

Key features of Advertising Studio

  1. Journey Builder Advertising :
    With the help of the journey builder tool of the marketing cloud, you can visualise the sequence of actions that a consumer would take to reach the intended endpoint. It adopts the concept of a goal for each journey and is thus more data-driven.
    Example: End goal – Customer to sign up for an event.
    The buyer must go through a number of processes in order to obtain the required ticket or meeting connection. You can configure each phase of this plan using journey builder. Additionally, it enables you to meet the needs of clients who could pause mid-task, such as the sign-up and depart. With journey builder, you can send an email or a mobile notice with the necessary instructions to bring them back on track. Imagine the individualised, intimate experience this offers.
  2.  Advertising audience :
    With the help of this function, you can categorise your audience according to a certain demographic, adjust your adverts to their needs, and create look-alike leads based on these demographics.
    You must register for an Ad account on Facebook or Twitter, depending on your preference.
  3. Lead capturing :
    On the Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud, lead collection can be done with slightly different setups. Administrator rights are a typical configuration for these setups. You can extract leads from your social media accounts and establish a lead capture in Advertising Studio if you have admin rights and access to your social media accounts.

Importance of Advertising Studio Marketing Cloud

  • Email marketing efforts benefit from it.
  • With the trip builder tool, the buyer’s experience is improved.
  • Based on the characteristics of their top buyers, it enables customers to collect leads from social media. As the cycle continues, revenue grows.
  • It acts as the centre of the Marketing Cloud’s marketing operations.

How can you set up your Advertising Studio account and start taking advantage of its features?

Steps to set up Salesforce Advertising Studio Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Advertising studio setup starts with the account configuration for the users and their level of access.

Step 1: Account configuration

The first step in account configuration is defining the advertising studio’s users. You then specify each user’s level of access and record these modifications in the Marketing Cloud


Three users—Admin, Advertising Manager, and Designer—are chosen. For security purposes, these users will have varying degrees of access to the Advertising Studio platform. After clearly outlining the actions that these users are capable of performing, you document it (ideally in tabular form for accessibility).

Note the steps:

  • Define the users.
  • Define the level of access for each user.
  • Documentation.

Step 2: Navigation & granting access

  • Navigate to Setup and Administration on the dashboard.
  • Admin, Advertising Manager, and Designer should be created as users.
  • Change these users’ roles and permissions in accordance with your documentation.

Enabling the API user setting for the users is another option

With these all set, you should have:

  • Journey builder.
  • Advertising audience.
  • Lead capture.

Now, you can build audiences based on your social media connections and import the data into Advertising Studio.

Step 3: Monitoring the flow of data

Users can create an Ad account for the social media sites after the setup is complete and connect them. Now that your viewers can be monitored, grouped, and approached in accordance with their demographics, you may rinse and repeat.

Additionally, data from the Sales cloud can be merged with that from the Marketing cloud.

Benefits of Salesforce Advertising Studio :

The benefits of Salesforce Advertising studio includes

  • Activation of inactive clients.
  • Automated lead generation: Post leads from social media to Salesforce.
  • Finding additional leads and new customers: Assists in locating new clients who share the same traits as your high-value clients.
  • Data protection: Customer information never leaves the secure Salesforce platform’s encryption.
  • across all Salesforce platforms, access data.

Conclusion :

Salesforce Advertising Studio can significantly lower the amount of money spent on awareness-building and advertising. Targeting clients that share your interests based on demographics is an excellent example. Any organisation may make data-driven decisions while staying within its budget by using this cycle.